Dear Students and Parents,

We are excited to start the semester/ year with you!  Please see below for some important getting started details.

  1. PECO Electric – Please call PECO to schedule your turn-on and setup your account.  800-494-4000  – Your electric service must be active for the full duration of your lease.
  2. Comcast – Optional if f you want TV services – 800-934-6489
  3. WIFI – Each unit has a dedicated hotspot, the network is named 534 – (Unit #) , your wifi password will be made available at move-in.
  4. Trash – Weekly trash and recycling is Wednesday, bins are located in parking area near garages and fence line.
  5. Garbage Disposal – always run water when running disposal.
  6. Maintenance requests – best to send email to property manager, include photos if needed.
  7. Move-in – you may prop front security doors if needed, loading and unloading of furniture and heavy items can be done in parking lot.  Please do not block driveway by unloading in breezeway.
  8. Please use furniture slides to make your move easier and protect wood floors.  Heavy items will damage floor.
  9. Note – all leases start and end on same day, you may consider altering your move dates to eliminate congestion.  Note – 3 of the 9 units have separate entry ways (1,2,4) .  6 of the 9 units are accessed via main entrance.
  10. Fire escapes and windows are not to be used for move-in or move-out
  11. Apartment Key, Parking Permit, Main Door Key and Post Office Key will all be issued on or before 8/1 move date.
  12. Entrance for moving trucks – important – please use Sharpless entrance / exit and NOT S. High St. entrance.   There is low clearance breezeway on the S High St. Entrance.
  13. Take note of any damages when you move in, send photos and details to our management office within 24 hours of move-in to avoid being charged for damages at move-out.
  14. Parking registration form must be completed to receive your vehicle permit.  Call West End towing if your space is being used by someone else, they will be towed.